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January 21, 2017 no comments Posted in Food catering

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We would like to shine a spotlight on one of our biggest clients today, QQ Catering. QQ Catering has been one of our most loyal customers, buying the most extensive selection of meats from the butchery to ensure the freshest ingredients can be used for their services.

Best food catering service in Singapore

By using our fresh meats, QQ Catering has been able to become the most trusted food catering service in Singapore. It aims to be the best and also provides buffet delivery and lunch box services, often filling the stomachs of many happy guests in the country. With the healthy meals that they deliver, as well as with the supervision of highly skilled chefs, QQ’s food menu is one of the best in the region.

QQ Catering buffet delivery promotion

Being a well respected player in the catering industry of Singapore, QQ has been able to provide cheap and good buffet catering spreads for all of her clients. From prices ranging at a minimum of $3.90 per guest, it really is one of the best and cheapest in the market right now. As we approach the festive season of Chinese New Year, its menu has been updated with many festive chinese delicacies, such as the Emperor Chicken Meatballs.

Why QQ Catering is so good

All dishes provided by the company are absolutely halal, and can be eaten by all guests. There are some vegetarian options too, if you are interested in that. If you are preparing for a large event of around 25 guests, you can also order their Prosperous Buffet, which also includes Yu Sheng and Golden Pillows, with a 9 course dinner set meal at only $25 per person. Talk about a great deal.

QQ Catering assortment of dishes prepared

If you are not into food catering services, perhaps now is the best time to try some. QQ has launched many different menus to celebrate not just the new year, but also Valentines day. Having a close relationship with them, we were able to find out some of the upcoming dishes that they are going to deliver to you should you order their buffet delivery services.

Some of QQ Catering’s Dishes this season

Dish 1 – Romantic Chicken

Let me first introduce the Romantic Chicken, for the couples that are looking for some food options on Valentines Day. This is a very sweet yet savoury dish, akin to sweet and sour pork, a very acclaimed and celebrated local Chinese delicacy. The chicken is fresh from our shop, and is marinated in a mixture of orange and lime juice, making it tender and juicy for your palate. While not many couples may consider food catering services in Singapore during Valentines Day, perhaps you can be the first to do so and make it a memorable day for your significant other?

Romantic Chicken)

Dish 2 – Roast Duck Assortment

Another beautiful dish created by their head chef is the delicious Roast Duck Assortment. The Dish is also handsomely crafted from the meats in our kitchen, and is carefully sliced and baked until golden crispy brown. Along with a nice touch of fish sauce and fruit such as mandarin oranges and mango, this dish provides a very unique and authentic Chinese flavor to your event, and also a way to celebrate the festivities this year.

More about QQ Catering

We would like to reveal more of QQ Catering’s delicious dishes on their food catering menu. However, we have been told not to talk too much about it. Nevertheless, I am definitely sure that this company’s offerings in this quarter of the year are the most excellent in the country, and will definitely steal your guests hearts away at how tasty they are. After all, they are made from the meats from our shop!

Do visit QQ Catering at www.qqcatering.sg to make an order for your parties and events, to celebrate the upcoming festive season. I am sure that this will be one that you do not want to forget.