OUE Twin Peaks Singapore

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OUE Twin Peaks

In this blog, we cover a great deal on the most recent properties that are in the Singapore advertise. OUE Twin Peaks is certainly another dispatch apartment suite that we should talk about. This improvement is situated at 33 Leonie Hill Road – important prime land. For the individuals who are searching for a habitation that shouts achievement and brags of your status, the Twin Peaks living arrangement is surely a property you ought to consider. Truth be told, it has drawn much consideration from VIPs like Jackie Chan and JJ Lin, who are known to have made their buys as of now. Envision chancing upon these stars on your approach to work and being neighbors – that would be truly energizing.

Try not to be tricked by its area being close Orchard Road. There are numerous close-by spots for inhabitants who are searching for option areas to direct their activities. For instance, the adjacent Botanic Gardens Singapore presents one such a magnificent place to go. Like the occupants living at Gramercy Park, OUE Twin Peak purchasers can likewise appreciate the closeness to this awesome place. Botanic Gardens highlights vast walkways for both joggers, walkers, and cyclists to share and make the most of its superb greenery.

oue twin peaks logo

Best Things of this Development

OUE Twin Peaks likewise gloats full-condominium offices, extending from finish swimming pools, tennis courts, indoor gyms, grill pits, work rooms and the sky is the limit from there. Occupants may even spend a lesiurely evening close to the famous people slated to live in the apartment suite! Furtheremore, the apartment suite pleasantries are inherent an approach to convey a resort-like ordeal to its inhabitants. We can’t envision that they would endure anything less given the cost of this property.

Getting around

On the off chance that Botanic Gardens isn’t sufficient for you, you could cycle down to River Valley zone, where you will be recently close-by an extraordinary cycling course. For instance, Gardens by the Bay is effortlessly available through the southern-confronting streets. You just would take a 10 minute cycle to achieve the brilliant man-made stop behind Marina Bay Sands. At home, you have an awesome perspective of MBS, yet nothing beats being there yourself to appreciate the vivacious air.

3 Reasons to Stay At the Gramercy Park

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Gramercy Park Overview

The Gramercy Park advancement is worked by City Developments Limited, and composed by well known engineers NBBJ. We suggest this as an option for purchasers who are searching for more upscale place to live in. Situated at Grange Road, inhabitants of Gramercy Park will end up in the heart of Orchard Road. Encompassed by awesome shopping, eating, and stimulation alternatives, purchasers don’t have to stress over weariness until kingdom come.

Healthy Living for Gramercy Park Residents

Living at the Gramercy Park most likely has its signs of the purchaser’s status and achievement, yet wellbeing is to be sure riches. Inhabitants of Gramercy Park can be rest guaranteed that the luxuries in this area are appropriate to support sound living as well. Beside the townhouse offices that occupants can appreciate, we might want to call attention to the various cycling and strolling ways that encompass the Grange Road territory as well.

gramercy park singapore

In the event that ION Orchard isn’t sufficient to fumes you, there are many encompassing shopping buildings to Gramercy Park that are interconnected to Orchard ION. From ION, you can without much of a stretch get to Wisma Artia, Ngee Ann City, Lucky Plaza, Wheelock Place, Shaw Towers, and numerous more goals inside a 10 minute span. I exceedingly question you will ever be exhausted by wandering out of your Gramercy Park Home.

Cycling Options Nearby

Additionally cycle and stroll to the pavillion to tune in to alleviating tunes throughout the ends of the week. Visitor craftsmen are regularly highlighted there to play awesome music. Nourishment alternatives are likewise in abundance with Botanic Gardens’ own inhabitants. Else, you can go to Dempsey Hill for a luxurious dinner in the wake of getting a charge out of nature.

The Artra – Living in a Foodie Haven

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The Artra Condo is a foodie opportunity not to be missed

The Artra would be the condo of choice for my family and I. We used to travel all the way to Tiong Bahru from our home in Bukit Batok just to savor the amazing dishes its coffee shops and hawker centers had to offer. I still frequent the Tiong Bahru market for the occasional bowl of outstanding Lor Mee. Redhill market is also one of the draws to living at The Artra, with its famous Minced Meat Noodles drawing lunchtime crowds every day. Not to mention, Ikea Alexandria’s affordable yet amazing meatballs, salmon, and of course furniture. I can already imagine having a soft serve $1 ice cream on the way to my new The Artra home after work daily.

Ikea Alexandria near The Artra

Let’s not forget the delicious Tze Char options that line the public housing blocks of Queensway. From your Chili Crabs to Steamed White Promfets, residents of The Artra can ascend into their local food havens on a daily basis should they choose. Parking around these areas are abundant too. You can find many free parking spaces around the HDB flats, minutes away from the restaurant of your choice.

Shopping options near The Artra

If food isn’t what keeps you ticking, then perhaps shopping would be the button to push. Opposite The Artra lies Anchorpoint shopping mall, which hosts attractive and affordable outlet shops from the likes of G2000 and Giordano. Working adults no longer need to fret about travelling to town to shop for work-clothes on weekends. The option to do so is just 5-minutes away from your doorstep! Furthermore, if you’re the sporty type, Queensway Shopping Centre lies adjacent to The Artra too. Queensway Shopping Centre is known to be Singapore’s go-to place for quality sports apparel sold by resellers. They often go at a lower price than your conventional flagship stores so that’s great news.

Shopping near the artra

Moving a little further lies Tiong Bahru shopping centre. It only takes a one-stop journey to get to the magnificent mall. It has been undergoing major renovations for years now, and already you can see the well-built features of this revitalisation process. Already the mall manager Land Lease is boasting its new flagship stores from the likes of Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Cold Storage and many others. This is just testament to the expectation of quality had from the newly renovated mall.

Conclusion for The Artra Residents

If you’re a resident, or still on the lookout for a new condo for your family, I hope that you will heed my advice and choose The Artra. It really is every Singaporean’s ideal home for food and convenience.

QQ Catering Food Catering Services in Singapore

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QQ Catering logo

We would like to shine a spotlight on one of our biggest clients today, QQ Catering. QQ Catering has been one of our most loyal customers, buying the most extensive selection of meats from the butchery to ensure the freshest ingredients can be used for their services.

Best food catering service in Singapore

By using our fresh meats, QQ Catering has been able to become the most trusted food catering service in Singapore. It aims to be the best and also provides buffet delivery and lunch box services, often filling the stomachs of many happy guests in the country. With the healthy meals that they deliver, as well as with the supervision of highly skilled chefs, QQ’s food menu is one of the best in the region.

QQ Catering buffet delivery promotion

Being a well respected player in the catering industry of Singapore, QQ has been able to provide cheap and good buffet catering spreads for all of her clients. From prices ranging at a minimum of $3.90 per guest, it really is one of the best and cheapest in the market right now. As we approach the festive season of Chinese New Year, its menu has been updated with many festive chinese delicacies, such as the Emperor Chicken Meatballs.

Why QQ Catering is so good

All dishes provided by the company are absolutely halal, and can be eaten by all guests. There are some vegetarian options too, if you are interested in that. If you are preparing for a large event of around 25 guests, you can also order their Prosperous Buffet, which also includes Yu Sheng and Golden Pillows, with a 9 course dinner set meal at only $25 per person. Talk about a great deal.

QQ Catering assortment of dishes prepared

If you are not into food catering services, perhaps now is the best time to try some. QQ has launched many different menus to celebrate not just the new year, but also Valentines day. Having a close relationship with them, we were able to find out some of the upcoming dishes that they are going to deliver to you should you order their buffet delivery services.

Some of QQ Catering’s Dishes this season

Dish 1 – Romantic Chicken

Let me first introduce the Romantic Chicken, for the couples that are looking for some food options on Valentines Day. This is a very sweet yet savoury dish, akin to sweet and sour pork, a very acclaimed and celebrated local Chinese delicacy. The chicken is fresh from our shop, and is marinated in a mixture of orange and lime juice, making it tender and juicy for your palate. While not many couples may consider food catering services in Singapore during Valentines Day, perhaps you can be the first to do so and make it a memorable day for your significant other?

Romantic Chicken)

Dish 2 – Roast Duck Assortment

Another beautiful dish created by their head chef is the delicious Roast Duck Assortment. The Dish is also handsomely crafted from the meats in our kitchen, and is carefully sliced and baked until golden crispy brown. Along with a nice touch of fish sauce and fruit such as mandarin oranges and mango, this dish provides a very unique and authentic Chinese flavor to your event, and also a way to celebrate the festivities this year.

More about QQ Catering

We would like to reveal more of QQ Catering’s delicious dishes on their food catering menu. However, we have been told not to talk too much about it. Nevertheless, I am definitely sure that this company’s offerings in this quarter of the year are the most excellent in the country, and will definitely steal your guests hearts away at how tasty they are. After all, they are made from the meats from our shop!

Do visit QQ Catering at www.qqcatering.sg to make an order for your parties and events, to celebrate the upcoming festive season. I am sure that this will be one that you do not want to forget.

Situation in Singapore Real Estate

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There are more than 30 land venture confides in Singapore’s securities exchange and these REITs either concentrate on one land area or are contributed over a couple. A portion of the land parts incorporate human services, mechanical, business, retail, and neighborliness.

Much the same as each other sort of venture vehicle, there are advantages and disadvantages for financial specialists with regards to REITs. In this article, I will investigate the negative parts of REITs. For the advantages that REITs can convey to speculators, you can look at here.

Singapore real estate developer

1. Slower development

As I specified in my interpretation of the advantages that accompany REITs, they are required to pay out 90% of their assessable wage. This outcome in REITs having high appropriation yields.

In any case, there is a downside here: The prerequisite to convey about the greater part of their salary imply that REITs have next to no benefits to reinvest into their center business. This thusly prompt to REIT’s disseminations on a for every unit premise for the most part developing at a slower pace when contrasted with an organization’s income.

2. The nearness of obligation

The way that REITs can hold just a little part of their profit imply that they need to continually go up against new borrowings or bring capital from financial specialists up so as to pay down existing obligation.

The nearness of obligation makes monetary dangers. Then, REITs can raise capital from financial specialists either through private positions or rights issues. Private situations will weaken existing unitholders’ stakes in the REIT while rights issues can likewise bring about weakening if the REIT’s current unitholders can’t take up the rights units on offer.

Right now, the level of obligation took into consideration REITs in Singapore is topped at 45% of their benefits. This additionally conveys me to the third negative thing about REITs – affectability to loan fees.

3. Introduction to financing cost chances

Because of a REIT’s requirement for obligation to maintain its plan of action, it is helpless to loan fee chance. At the point when loan costs rise, obligation turns out to be more costly for REITs and this could ding their main concern and subsequently, conveyances.

This is a beneficial hazard to consider given that financing costs in Singapore are as of now close generational lows.

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If there is one thing that Singaporean parents are most concerned off all times of the year – it is education. Too often do we read about parents being obsessed with the latest tuition trends, assessment books, practices, and exam formats. However, there is one very simple solution to solving all of these issues: Choosing the right school.

Schools around Clement Canopy

This is why The Clement Canopy presents a wonderful option to parents as the choice home. It provides access to many excellent institutions – that provide great choice and quality. For example, it is located near Newton Primary School, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, NUS High, and NUS. This means that you could map your child’s entire education around a 10 minute drive from your home.

This might give some parents a peace of mind, especially if their children make their own daily journey back home. The last thing you would want is for your child to spend hours on the public bus or train, squeezing with strangers who might be unwell.

The Clement Canopy is situated near Clementi MRT station as well. This gives your child more convenient options of institutions like ACS(I) or those in Bukit Timah. Clementi is just one stop away from Buona Vista MRT station, opening up areas like The Star and Biopolis also. Buyers who have jobs in those areas will find The Clement Canopy a superb location to stay in – making only a short journey of their daily commute.

Food Around Clement Canopy

clementi central market

For the foodies, there are many local delights lined up for you at Clementi Central Market and Food Centre, 448 Clementi Ave 3. I particularly recommend the meatball porridge and the black carrot cake. Not to mention the refreshing sugarcane juice that you can get as well. For families who prefer the wet market, Clementi Central Market presents that option for you at just a short distance away.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to live in an excellent, natural environment in Clementi. The food, people, travel, and shopping options are great. We are confident that you won’t regret it.

Interested? Book an appointment with us at http://www-clementcanopy.sg today.

Seaside Residences @ Siglap Link

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Seaside Residences Singapore


Seaside Residences is turning out to be one of the most sultry Singapore properties in 2017. One key reason is that it is likely the last apartment suite to have a blend of:


  1. Unhindered seaviews and;


  1. Inconceivable accommodation, being situated by the future Siglap MRT and the current East Coast Highway.


Examination of Seaside Residences Value


Frasers Centrepoint Homes, the designer of Seaside Residences had driven a consortium to win the intensely fragile for the 207,847 sq ft plot for $624.18m in January a year prior.


Steady with its name, FCH said the units at Seaside Residences are being proposed to support the sea sees, with up to 65% of units orientated towards the water skyline.

The wander will have four 27-story squares. The units go from one-to five-room sorts and penthouses, with floor goes between 424 square feet and 2,690 square feet.


The designer told The Straits Times yesterday that the apartment suite will have a 115m-long pool and a sky yard – having a three story-high rooftop – between the fourteenth and sixteenth floors.


Frasers Centrepoint Singapore CEO Christopher Tang called the wander “an outstanding headway that will consider home buyers searching for a sea side home outside the clamoring downtown zone”.


Agents expect strong enthusiasm for the units, given the inconsistency and charming properties of the site. It is under 1km from East Coast Park and just a three-minute walk around the future Siglap MRT station.


Dr Lee Nai Jia, head of South-east Asia investigator at Edmund Tie and Co, expects strong buyer excitement as there have been no new areas on the East Coast since 2001.


The last government arrive bargain site in the zone was moreover won by Frasers Centrepoint, in 2001 , and shaped into the 612-unit Cote d’Azur loft suite.

seaside reisdences

Dr Lee expressed: “In perspective of what we see really, enthusiasm for headways in these create areas tends to be high. One delineation is Gem Residences (in Toa Payoh), which sold about an expansive segment of its units in a day before its mass dispatch.”


He incorporated that the Seaside Residences site had an exceptional blend of sea bid and closeness to the future Siglap MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line, which experiences the city and is set for complete in 2023.